In addition to Agricultural Frost Machines, Gener also manufactures thermoboost (burner) which is used together with these products. When frost events occur, wind machines transmit hot air at a height of 10-15 meters from the ground to the orchard where the frost is located, and provide air balance by combining the hot air with the cold air in the frost region. In this way, the ambient temperature increases and rotation is prevented.. Sometimes, warm air, which should be between 10-15 meters, may not be available in sufficient volume or at all. Thermoboost is a product that should be used at this time. The presence of warm air is very important for the agricultural wind machine to provide full protection and to protect the orchard from frost at the maximum level. Thermoboost produces this necessary warm air required for the machine or supports to increase the degree and volume of the warm air. Thermoboosts are placed right next to the Agricultural Frost Machine. It is 6 meters height and has 3 levels of operation. The fuel required for Thermoboost can be configured either from the Agricultural Frost Machines’s fuel tank or an external fuel tank.


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