Solutions that make dreams come true

From the very beginning of its establishment in 2004, Con-imex is dedicated to serve the Prefabricated Building Sector with its wide range of products each having their unique properties to provide the best possible solution according to your needs. The company is mainly focused on providing temporary site mobilization camps and permanent high-end residential & commercial buildings.

Site Mobilization Buildings

Con-imex offers wide range solutions for temporary site mobilization buildings with its production capability of containerized building systems and prefabricated steel building systems.

A.Containerized Building Systems

Con-imex offers various type of container systems depending on the requirement from its clients.

Con-flat Modular Containers

A modular flat-packed system which offers limitless solutions in your projects due to its modularity and multi layering property. Some key features are as follows,
    • Ability to join modules in any given direction which offers design flexibility
    • Design projects up to 3 storey
    • Load bearing columns allows quick replacement of panels when needed
    • Production flexibility offers single unit sizes within the limits of 3.60 by 12.00mt (width by length)
    • 8 units of 20 ft modules (2.40*6.00mt) in a single TIR truck
    • 5 units of 20 ft modules (2.40*6.00mt) in a single 40 ft HC container

Con-cabin Singular Cabins

Also a flat-packed system which is developed in order to meet single module requirements in a more economical manner. Some key features are as follows,

  • Due to its production system, it is lighter and more economical compared to other alternatives
  • Designed to be only for singular usage
  • 10 units of 20 ft modules (2.40*6.00mt) on a single TIR truck
  • 6 units of 20 ft modules (2.40*6.00mt) in a single 40 ft HC container

Con-cell Disaster Units

A very light system designed to meet quick and easy mobilization. Some key features are as follows,

  • Single disaster unit sizes are 2.30*3.60*2.30mt (W*L*H)
  • Form larger areas by combining them next to each other
  • Assembly with only man-power (around 15 min. With 4 assemblers), no forklift and/or crane needed
  • 30 units can on a single TIR truck or 40 ft HC container
B.Prefabricated Steel Building Systems

Con-steel Prefab. Buildings

simple column & truss structured building system combined with sandwich panels which enables creation of single storey large scale structures without the need of internal columns. Some key features are as follows,

  • 12 mt clear truss span
  • Min. waste as system is completely demountable
  • Min. 100m² (up to 200m² depending on the project) building components on a single TIR Truck or 40 ft HC container
  • Must be erected on level concrete ground

Residential and Commercial Buildings

Con-imex offers Light Steel Framed (LSF) Buildings as a solution for permanent residential and commercial building necessity worldwide.

Con-frame LSF Buildings

Automated steel manufacturing lines fully integrated with design and engineering software are used to provide profitable, sustainable and accurate projects fulfilling your needs. Some key features are as follows,

  • Cost effective and quick to build-in
  • Strong and design-flexible
  • Minimum 100 gr galvanized coated S350 – S550 quality sheets
  • Durable and safe            
  • Environmentally friendly

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