ABELFIO Group was established in 2023 to gather rapidly growing companies and brands under one roof. In Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone, it carries out the production of all companies within the group in a 21.000 m2 open area and 15.000 m2 closed area. The companies and brands that it has incorporated for a quarter of a century are organizations that have been the pioneers of the sector for many years. By gathering companies and brands under one roof, it is aimed to increase total efficiency by taking synergy from each other.

ABELFIO will be a pioneer in its sectors with its new investments to be made for the needs of the sectors it serves, by seeing and evaluating the changing needs of its customers, competitive market trends and opportunities, adapting to the changes and adapting to the rapidly changing and developing conditions.

The attention we show to integrity and continuity in quality, as well as our customer and consumer-oriented approach, our rapid response to their demands and needs are an important reason for our companies to become brands in their markets.

We are pleased to be in a structure that always emphasizes the importance of cooperation and teamwork in order to value different perspectives and achieve common goals.

While doing our job, we are always looking for new investment opportunities that are suitable for the needs of the sector by focusing on continuous development and using our time and resources effectively.

As ABELFIO, our priority is customer satisfaction, sustainability, social responsibility understanding and an environmentally friendly production approach with all our companies and brands.

As ABELFIO Group, we will continue to create value for our employees and all our stakeholders.


Demonte Prefabrik Yapı Sektörüne hizmet eden CON-IMEX, Ortadoğu pazarına yakın olmak ve ihracata yönelik imalat yapabilmek amacı ile 2004 yılının aralık ayında Adana Hacı Sabancı Organize Sanayi bölgesinde kuruldu.

2004 yılında sektöre paketlenebilir, modüler yaşam konteynerleri ile giriş yapan CON-IMEX, geçen süre zarfı içerisinde ürün portföyüne şantiye mobilizasyon binalarını, tekil yaşam kabinlerini, afet ünitelerini, prefabrik çelik yapıları, ticari ve konut kullanımına hizmet eden hafif çelik sistemli yapıları da ekleyerek ürün portföyünü genişletmiştir.


CON-IMEX established the ONE LIFE brand in 2020 in order to respond to the needs of the industry and to present the new changing world trends to its customers. CON-IMEX manufactures tiny houses and pods under the ONE LIFE brand.

Based on the minimal life philosophy, it offers a plain, simple, free, detached, and active life. It is more economical and more accessible than other living spaces. Being portable always gives you a sense of freedom.

In our country, there are many natural beauties with title deeds but without a zoning permit. According to the zoning law, construction is not allowed in these areas. With nearly 20 years of experience, ONE LIFE builds new lives for you with its designs in compliance with the legislation and smart and optimal solutions in places with zoning problems.


GENER TARIMSAL, which was established in 2015 with ENER ZİRAİ Enterprises to serve the agriculture sector, produces agricultural wind machines. GENER carries out its agricultural production in the existing CON-IMEX facilities in AOSB. GENER exports most of its products to all over the world. GENER Tarımsal is the only brand that produces agricultural wind machines in Turkey.


In 2008, CON-IMEX took the first step towards becoming the first and only European door brand that produces with Italian technology in Turkey with PFI SRL, the leading manufacturer of industrial cold store doors specializing in cold chain for nearly 30 years in its existing facilities. Thus, PFI Industrial Doors was established and launched its first production in February 2009. In the elapsed time, it has expanded its product portfolio. As of 2018, it has added loading bay systems to its product portfolio and started to serve the logistics sector as well. PFI Industrial exports more than 50 countries in the world.

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